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Stefany Alvarez

My name is Stefany Alvarez I am the creator of Women’s Health services.

After working in the fitness industry for more that 15 years as a personal trainer, group instructor and different sports, I am fully dedicated to Women’s Health.

I am a leader in female fitness therapies in the UAE, working with prenatal and postnatal clients. Core restore therapies and LOW PRESSURE FITNESS as postural, myofascial release and pelvic floor dysfunctions.

As women we have a completely different body function, and hormonal balance through our states of lives. Learning how our hormonal system works and how to train ourselves correctly is my goal in each program. I help you become the best version of yourself and getting enjoyment from each day knowing you are both physically and mentally healthy while loving your body.

Helping each other and educating you how to take care of your body’s is my goal in each course, class and seminar which I provide from my heart.

As a Health and Fitness professional, I want to help you to move, eat and live better. To achieve the perfect combination I work along with highly qualified professionals to provide me the knowledge and different skills to help you reach your goals.


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