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Hypopressive Breathing Training


This course is organized day by day combining breathing exercises, Low pressure Fitness Postures – Hypopressives – and different breathing techniques to help you improve every session your Respiratory Capacity, your posture, connect with your core, improve the pelvic floor activation, increase the mobility and flexibility of the joins as well as waistline reduction among many other benefits.​To Introduce a healthy exercise routine habit that will benefit in a short time the functionality of your body from the comfort of your home without any equipment.A series of poses and breathing techniques will reduce pressure in your core which will then improve your quality of life through better posture and breathing. These methods allow your body to function as it should with improved circulation, respiration, improved continence, and better support for your internal organs. As a result, you will experience improved organ function, support the prevention of organ prolapse, prevention of hernias, improved sexual function, improved digestion, and core stability.There’s a schedule of 6 weeks with one session per day from 5’ to 25’ maximum to ensure you move every day. I would recommend printing it and placing it on your fridge, as a reminder to move a little every day.Every person is different and I’ve built this program to help you re-educate your breathing, develop a healthy habit of breathing patterns to improve your lungs capacity, empower you and allow you to RE-activate and Re-Connect your core.

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