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Client from London.

I had a traumatic forceps delivery which contributed in me getting a bladder prolapse. I was totally unaware that this was even possible after birth! The constant heavy pelvic symptoms and back pain were debilitating. I reached out to Stefany from London and we started doing online hypopressives. Once I moved to Dubai I continued to see Stefany in person. I could tell my symptoms were reducing. The exercises calmed my nervous system down, it felt like a mixture of meditation and yoga! I really believe hypopressives with Stefany has had a massive influence on helping me to strengthen my core, posture and pelvic floor muscles, plus, they are so relaxing and calming to do! 


Teacher at HCT

I would highly recommend Stefany as your pre and post-natal fitness expert. Stefany has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She is highly enthusiastic and welcoming making the learning process enjoyable and stress free. Having worked with Stefany on several occasions I would not hesitate to recommend her invaluable services to expecting or new mothers.


Previous client

It was useful course, I have learned new breathing techniques and I understand how to involve and strengthen my core muscles.


Previous client

Highly recommend Stefany. Great understanding of your body’s limits and restrictions postpartum. The program is brilliant for core and pelvic floor awareness and activation, as well as pelvic floor release.


Previous Client

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I have been training Hypopressive-low pressure for a few months with Stefany. I started these exercises when I was diagnosed with 3rd-degree prolapse. The pelvic floor physiotherapist called Lysnara recommended working with this technique with stefany. During the training sessions, I felt how slowly my inner core was activated, and the internal organs inside the pelvis got lifted. After further evaluation with my doctor, He diagnosed my prolapse decreased to 2nd degree, and my core sensation increased. Really I want to thank you stefany too much for everything she did for me, and I would recommend this program to any lady who’s struggling with pelvic floor condition or a cesarean recovery.



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