Low-Pressure Fitness and Postpartum Recovery

Low-Pressure Fitness and Postpartum Recovery

During pregnancy our body adapts to create the perfect space for our baby, the organs get accommodated, the muscles get stretched… And all this is normal, some changes are more noticeable after giving birth and this is when we begin to feel less comfortable and to wish we had our old body.

But the physical changes are sometimes not the most important, and we don’t know that we are suffering internal changes too, perhaps, diastasis recti, debilitation of the pelvic floor, or even a prolapse, that is why it’s so important always to be guided by an expert, who can help you with specialized training to aid recovery.

If you ask yourself: where should I start? or what exercises should I do? Let us tell you that the Low-Pressure Fitness technique is the one you should try.

What is Low-Pressure Fitness:
Low-Pressure Fitness is an extremely effective technique used for core restoration. The method is particularly helpful and safe for postpartum rehabilitation due to the reconnection and activations of the muscles that have been working hard from the last 9 months and needs to be reactivated and trained adequately.

This technique also works to improve posture and breathing, which leads to regaining function and strength in the true core including the pelvic floor.

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