Five Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

The following exercises are recommended during pregnancy

1: Low-impact exercises are the best

During the first trimester of pregnancy, people should aim to establish good exercise habits gradually. The right amount of exercise for an individual will depend on how active they were before becoming pregnant.

It is best to perform low-impact exercises, especially walking, yoga, swimming, and water aerobics, during this time.

2: Strengthen your core

The core refers to the abdominal, lumbar, pelvic, gluteal, and deep spinal muscles. It’s important to keep a strong core during pregnancy because this will help decrease your back pain, SI joint pain, and will add in labor, delivery, and recovery. 

Using abdominal breathing exercises is a highly efficient and safe way to exercise your core muscles during pregnancy and postpartum.

3: Take care of the correct posture

Correct posture is related to the proper functioning of the core, we understand that with the weight that the body gains due to pregnancy it is possible to have moments when the back is not straight, this is why you should perform exercises to strengthen your back muscles, remember that if your posture is correct, then your breathing, pelvic floor, and abs can all function properly as well.

4: Reduce the abdominal muscle separation

Diastasis recti can happen to any pregnant woman but are more common in women over 35 who deliver a high-weight baby or had multiple pregnancies. It is usually most noticeable right after delivery. Although it is something very normal, the separation between the muscles can be reduced by performing a correct prenatal exercise.

5: Reduce pains and discomforts

The body undergoes numerous changes during the different stages of pregnancy, among these, some pain becomes very common, such as back pain, groin pain, and foot pain due to swelling.

It has been shown that women who perform exercises can reduce them considerably, exercise can even reduce nausea, cramps, and trouble sleeping, too.

But in addition to all this, it helps during labor.