Breathe and release tension with the wood-roller

Breathe and release tension with the wood-roller


Still don’t know the applications and the wide variety of exercises you can do with the Low Pressure Fitness wood-roller?

Proprioceptive exercises for your pelvic floor, exercises to release tension in the spine, through breathing and relaxation exercises are some of the possibilities that the wooden trunk offers us.

Wood-roller or wooden log available in our store

The wood-roller has become one of the essential materials in the Low Pressure Fitness session.

It can be used both within the main routine of the session or as part of the cool down or even as a way to release muscular restrictions at the beginning of the class.

Wood Roller

In the LPF method, we recommend myofascial release exercises as an excellent way to prepare the body for the warm-up.

During the warm-up, the temperature must increase gradually, the muscles become more flexible and the tissues are oxygenated to optimise and meet the demands of training.

In this first series of articles on exercises with the wood-roller, we propose a very simple sequence of 3 myofascial release exercises to do without leaving the ground.

Wood-roller myofascial release exercise sequence

The use of the wooden trunk as myofascial release material can help us achieve the following objectives:

  • ●     Reduce myofascial tensions and restrictions
  • ●     Increase joint mobility
  • ●     Promote tissue oxygenation
  • ●     Inhibit hypertonic muscles.

This sequence of exercises can be done at any time of the day: before the LPF session, at the end of training or even before bed. It is ideal as a form of body restoration during breaks at work or the office. It only requires 10 minutes and a small space on the floor to lie down comfortably to breathe and release your tensions. Moshe Feldenkrais was a staunch advocate of 5-minute daily permission to rest your back (and mind) on the floor. We only ask you for one more minute, that is, that you dedicate 6 minutes to carry out this simple sequence.

Wood-roller in the cervical and lumbar arch

A practical and simple way to release tension from the spine is to start with the wood-roller located under our cervical arch. The bow of the wood-roller accentuates and adapts perfectly to the curvature of the neck. The pressure that the weight of the head exerts on the trunk will help to mitigate its tensions. Leave the body completely relaxed and simply breathe for two minutes. You will feel that every minute the position is more comfortable and relaxation is greater.

Take advantage of those two minutes to connect with your breathing rhythm. With each breath try to deepen and lengthen the times while letting the entire neck rest on the trunk.

Wood-roller myofascial release exercise under the cervical spine

Now place the wood-roller under the lumbar spine. Try to change the position of the trunk without making sudden movements or getting up from the ground. With the body completely stretched out face up, look for the area of ​​the lower back that is slightly off the ground. This is the lower back whose curvature is reversed from that of the upper back. The pelvis and legs are relaxed and stretched out. The arms can be placed along the body or in a V shape as shown in the image. This position of arms apart in a V shape helps to accentuate the respiratory movement and the stretching of the anterior chain of the shoulder and arm.

During the first few seconds, you may be bothered by the sensation of the bow pronouncing your lumbar lordosis. If this is the case, bend your knees and gradually stretch the first one and then the other. If you wish, you can maintain the knee bending position.

As in the previous exercise, breathe while maintaining the position for at least two minutes. In this interval of time, focus on the slowness of your breathing and the sensation of rest in the body.

Wood-roller myofascial release exercise under the lumbar spine

lumber spine woman exercise

Low ankle wood roller

Finally, place your trunk under both ankles with your legs extended. It is a very comfortable exercise in which the feet are slightly above the hips, the legs rest and the pressure of the weight of the legs helps to release the tension in the back of the leg. After maintaining the resting position for two minutes, perform small movements of flexion and extension of the ankle. In each repetition try to increase the joint range. This exercise is one of the ideal preparations for the LPF session. Along with the myofascial release exercise of the sole of the foot explained in previous articles. Both help to inhibit posterior chain strain and flex the ankle joint for the LPF ankle dorsiflexion postural foundation.

Ankle joint mobilization exercise with wood-roller

ankle joint exercise

Some people may find the wood-roller uncomfortable as it is a rigid material. In this case, you can choose to use other myofascial release materials available in our store such as Spiky balls. In people who suffer from cervical problems or some pathology in the spine, they should previously consult a health professional if it is advisable to perform these exercises. We recommend exercising under the supervision of a professional.

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